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ISO 26362 is transparency
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The ISO 26362 panel makes available to its customers information on how to recruit your panelists

  • Panelists must actively give their consent to the registration process.
  • Panelists must proceed from documented sources and not from purchased databases and of uncertain origin.
  • Panelists should facilitate personal information during registration to be considered members.
  • The incentive policy should be communicated to the panelists at the registration.
  • The registration of minors must have parental consents in accordance with the definition of minor application under the law. Netquest uses the ESOMAR code who considers a minor someone with less than 14 years.
  • The parental permission to participate in survey must be renewed annually.
  • The sources used to capture panelists must be registered and the customer may request information about them and the degree of dispersion between the different sources
  • The panel must have methods to validate the authenticity of log data.
  • You should inform the client of key data such as: The panel is open (it is possible to record volunteer) or closed (by invitation only)? You are encouraged to capture? It is some proof of identity? How to avoid duplicate records?.
  • The panelist must have a simple method to cancel the registration in the panel voluntarily.
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The Panel

The ISO 26362 panel counts only active panelists

  • Size: an active panelist is someone who has participated in some research over the past 12 months, or at least has updated a given profile.
  • Representativeness: The panel should facilitate to the client information relevant to verifying the extent to which the panel reflects the universe of people studied.
  • Transparency: "Profiling" available on the panel must be available to customers.
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The panel meets with ISO quality policy that ensures transparency with the customer's relationship and timings

  • A panel should have a documented quality policy and accessible by the client.
  • You must keep a record of all the panelists: invitations, participation in studies by subject.
  • A panel should inform the client if there is outsourcing of the sample and, if doing so, ensure that the subcontractor complies with its quality processes.
  • The panelists' personal data should never be given to third parties.
  • The use of cookies on the panel should be communicated to the panelists at least in general terms, providing opportunities for members who so desire to reject it.
  • The panel must have a dedicated and responsible for management of the panel, as well as clear procedures on how to perform tasks that require management.
  • The panel should maintain communication with your panelists at least once a year.
  • The panel will keep a record of all searches conducted by each of its members, including information such as duration, number of calls and equity issues of survey and final update of data profiling.
  • Panelists will be asked to update the data profiling at least once a year.
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The ISO 26362 panel encourages the fair and balanced participation of its panelists

  • The incentive system should be documented and be public.
  • The incentive system should be as neutral as possible in order not to introduce bias in the results of the projects.
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The ISO 26362 panel has the necessary technology to ensure information security, as well as to provide the necessary support

  • You must have the technical resources to manage the panel, including backups to ensure data security.
  • The panel must offer a service "HelpDesk" to assist the panelists in their participation in research.
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The ISO 26362 panel carefully selects the samples to be used in the projects

  • The panel must inform their customers of the methods that are used to select the sample panel for their projects. These methods cannot introduce bias in the studies.
  • The frequency with which each panelist is interviewed must be registered on the panel. The standard does not require this data to inform customers, despite the fact Netquest provides this information to customers wishing to consult it.
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The ISO 26362 panel keeps track and informs with full transparency its panelists

  • If the panel is responsible for translating the questionnaires, should do so in accordance with the standard 20252. For example, there should be a double validation of the translation.
  • Invitations.
  • The panelist receives an invitation to participate in research should inform the general purpose of the project, estimated duration, policy of confidentiality and anonymity, time available to participate, policy incentives, information on whether the project is sent on behalf of a third and form stops form part of the panel.
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The panel with ISO 26362 verifies the validity of data collected in their questionnaires

  • The board should establish ways to validate that the information that facilitates a survey panelist is true and establish mechanisms for elimination of fraudulent panelists.
  • At least three will be the criteria for assessing whether a response is fraudulent panelists:
    • -The time used in completing the survey.
    • -His participation in the open questions is not mandatory if any.
    • -The comparison of the at least one panelist as facilitated by the same research as facilitated in a register or data enhancement profiling.
  • Recommended that additional checks on the participation as a test of consistency within the research or easy answers to open questions. Netquest programmed both controls, including "filter questions" in the research of great length, and analyzing all the open questions in questionnaires programmed by us.
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The ISO 26362 panel will offer its customers detailed information about the project

  • The panel will be available to customers who request it, information on the project: Invitations and questionnaires used, methods of sample panel, field period, validation methods, response rates, will take into account factors that may affect the representativeness , the performance of subcontracts and adherence to ISO26362 standard.
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Data delivery

  • According to ISO 26362:2009 quality standard for research panels management Netquest notifies you the project has been carried out following the ISO mentioned before as well as the data showed below is available after the definitive results delivery of the study.
    1. Invitation and questionnaire used.
    2. Design of the sample.
    3. Period of the field.
    4. Data validation methods and number of cases excluded from final results according to the validation used.
    5. Participation rate and calculation method.
    6. Limitations (if any) to define the target in project launching.
    7. Outsourcing (if any) and suppliers involved
  • If you are interested in receiving some of the information mentioned above or you have any doubt about it, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking fordward to help you.
  • Kind regards,
    Netquest - Operations Area.